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Serving our country, we all shared one thing in common, Bootcamp.

 In Bootcamp we were stripped of our bad habits, limiting beliefs and we learned how to work as a team.

We had to be rebuilt and presented with the tools that would enable us to survive no matter where we may have landed in the world.

United States Minority Veterans Business Academy

uses the same process to rewire your thinking.


3 Phases 11 Weeks


Weeks 1 - 4


Weeks 5 - 8

MOS - Methods Of Strategy

Weeks 9 - 10

Marketing - Clients

We first will start with the basic structures needed to be recognized by your state as a legal entity.

We will dispel the myths and rid you of the practices that spell defeat before you get started.

The first phase will build your confidence and strengthen your vision

Now that we have your business in a state primed for success, we will discuss your vision, mission, and strategy to reach what your definition of success entails.

The second phase will bring clarity to your goals.

How do you attract the true people that need your service?

Are you in the right market to make and sustain profits?

We will instruct you on how to be laser-focused on what matters to your business and who your primary clients are.

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