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Ken BIG Blake

Your Empowerment G.U.I.D.E.





8611 Concord Mills Blvd

Concord NC 28027

United States



Gain Understanding Intuitively Designing Expansion.


In Order To Assist You I Need To Know 3 Things.

1. Where You Are.

2. Where You Want To Go.

3. What Time Frame You Want To Arrive.


Right Opportunity Unveiling True Empowerment

Gaining Understanding We Can Plan Your Route.

Real Estate - Business - Funding

Real Estate, Business And, Funding are the 3 things that I focused on for the last 30 years. This has allowed me to help thousands of people reach their definition of S.U.C.C.E.S.S.


Traveling to over 50 cities in a four-year period Ken BIG Blake assisted thousands of homeowners and future homeowners in financial practices that would enable them to purchase as well as save existing homes.


Personally, processing over 25,000 files with at least 5,000 being self-employed small biz owners, his mastery of credit, profit and loss statements, budgeting, mentorship, and integrity has created a name that is trustworthy throughout the country.

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