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Local Find Fund Flip

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What To Expect

Most of you have this burning desire to purchase your first home or investment property. Some of you would like to become full or part time real estate investors flipping for quick cash or renting properties for residual income.


You all have various degrees of expertise and may have attended a couple of FREE seminars. You waited two or more hours to pay your thousand(s) of dollars to get the real training.


Funny thing about the real training is that the instructors offered more real training for even thousands more. So, let’s be sensible and think for a moment. Does it really take that much money, a trip out of state or a 3 to 5-day class averaging 18 to 40 hours to do your first deal?


We cut out the fat and focus on the meat of the five primary points needed to purchase and or sell your first investment property. If you come prepared you can present your first offer within hours and close within 30 to 45 days with confidence.

1. Researching Properties

2. Making Offers

3. Finding Financing

4. Selling Quickly

5. Marketing

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Bonus Sheet

Excel Simple Property Offer Sheet

This sheet will determine based on professional investor standards the highest amount you want to offer a seller.

You want to keep in mind what your goals are for each property.


The offer price should be at most 60 to 70% of the estimated market value or lower.


We always use our lowest offer on the asking price if FMV or ARV price is higher.


You always need to have a decent amount of equity for the final buyer or to maximize your income for renting or leasing with an option to buy.

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