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Each Year We Work With 4 mentee's with one being chosen each quarter.

Do you have what it takes to become one of the quarterly mentee's?

For Men And Women 16 - 30 Looking To Streamline 
Personal And Business Goals.

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Ken BIG Blake

Real Estate - Business - Funding

There are many ways to accomplish your goals.

You must learn the basics and adopt them into your personal learning style to streamline your success.

Have one primary goal and maintain multiple streams of income through and after the process.

Remember this...Build some things in silence and not everyone is worthy of your time.

Step 1 
Fill Out Form

What Happens Next?

Week 1 Sunday

Initial Session
8pm est via ZOOM

Week 1 - 4 Fridays

Upload Completed Milestones

Week 2 - 4 Sundays

10 - 20 Minute Zoom Sessions
9pm est

Month 1 - 12

We will review at the end of the month your progress, what you have learned and how you believe you can become more efficient.


We will take 15 - 30 minutes to discuss our system and your primary goals to determine the best way to move forward.

Each quarter you will have a goal to achieve. This goal will be accomplished by reaching weekly milestones

Accountability Sessions:

Review Of milestone completion, Q&A, and milestones assigned for the upcoming week toward goal achievement.

Although mentorship can be a lifelong process for both to learn from each other, only a clear path and accomplished strategies will prove it worthwhile for both participants.


Please Check Your Email For Details On Your

Personal ZOOM Registration.

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